About Mini Mango

About Us

Our journey to Canada wasn’t easy. We escaped Vietnam on a crowded fishing boat, were forced to trade our gold to pirates so they wouldn’t take our children, were stationed on a deserted island for a year, and had to travel through a number of countries—without being able to speak their languages—before we found a home in Canada.

We didn’t realize it then, but by becoming Canadians, we had won the lottery. The opportunities Canada provided were numerous and eventually allowed us to share our cuisine with our fellow Canadians. It’s an opportunity for which we’re eternally grateful.

That’s how we operate Mini Mango: on gratitude. We are grateful to have a wonderful community that supports our cuisine beyond our wildest expectations, grateful to have an amazing staff that has become like an extended family, and grateful to be able to do what we enjoy. We are forever grateful for being Canadian.

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Our History

Mini Mango was created from the hardship of a Vietnamese refugee’s life. Our Vietnamese upbringing was filled with pain and loss of material things, but more importantly, loss of lives. Cooking became a way to heal, and our vision was to share this. We make food for the soul in hopes that we use our energies to help souls.

More (or Less) Mango

Small is how Mini Mango wants to grow. The community has opened its hearts and stomachs to us and we want to continue doing what we do in more places and share this amazing cuisine with the wonderful people of Edmonton. We will also continue to grow our charitable endeavours, to do more for those who have less. More (or less) Mango is on the plate.